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Hay Auction Market Report 7/01/20 

Dyersville Sales Co. “Making Hay Great Again”


New policy for attending the hay auction now in effect. On Wednesdays we will only accept hay from 8am to 9:45 am and we are asking only buyers to attend, We are asking that No children or sellers attend the sale to keep the crowd as small has possible. Buyers can drive through the lot the day before and leave bids or we can order buy for you by calling the auction 563 875 2481 or Dale 563 581 5119 or Randy 563 599 1793, if you have any other questions just give us a call.


 Receipts 456 tons were sold the market was steady, Top was $215/ ton on new crop 162 rfv big squares from South Dakota, Rest of the  New crop big squares sold from $95-200/ ton. Round bales sold from$60-115/ ton with most low end grass and grass offered today. Straw weaker 3×4 bales selling at $67.50/ bale

***************************** Hay Boss Hay trailers************************

We have  37ft (7 bale) and 42ft (8 bale) hay trailers either in stock or on the way. these trailers have hydraulic dump and hydraulic brake lock so when loading it won’t push your picked. see a video on our Facebook page.  Hydraulic dump works great for unloading on a sidehill. 14 ply tires and brakes with turn signals are standard. Call Dale  563 581 5119 for more info.


For all your hay needs and questions contact Randy 563 599 1793 or Dale 563 581 5119 they have a combined 42 years of hay auction experience and can help you market your hay or buy for you.

***** All hay stored under a roof must be removed by the following Friday at 12 noon or it will be moved outside to make room for this weeks hay ************************************************************************



For what it is worth

7/1/20 today state Rep Lee Hein stopped by the hay auction and was warmly welcomed, Lee a Monticello area farmer who along with State Rep Ashely Hinson went to bat for farmers and truckers by passing a law to do away with oversize load permits on Iowa’s roads for hay straw and cornstalks.

A lot of people don’t have faith in our government  but there are still good people out here willing to make a difference. Lee Hein is one of them. Another is Ashely Hinson. We could not have found better people to steer this through the state legislator . When Gov Reynolds signed the bill into law that should have gave us all hope that the government still does listen to the people. Farmers don’t win very often truckers never win but today HF 2310 became law.

President John Kennedy once said ” the farmers are the only ones in this economy that buy everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale and pays the freight both ways” Anytime you help a trucker it helps a farmer and today truckers and farmers got a win. they now have the ability to move there product around to the  market without worrying are they on the right road with the right permit.

A farmer today can easily spend a million dollars / year, that goes through the economy 7 times meaning every dairy farm we lose takes $7,000,000.00 out of our economy.  All we have to do is save 1 farmer from exiting business and the return our state will get will be enormous . It would take 140,000  $50 permits to make up for each dairy farmer we lose.  The elimination of these permits is a win win  win for truckers , farmers and our state.


Gov Reynolds signs HF 2310
A bill for an act removing the requirement to obtain a permit for vehicles or combinations of vehicles of excessive size transporting divisible loads of hay, straw, stover, or bagged livestock bedding that meet certain width, height, and length requirements. (Formerly HSB 525.) Effective date: 07/01/2020.
The oversize load permit nightmare is over on July 1st No longer will you need a permit to haul hay , stalks or straw , You will not need one for a county roads city or state roads , The law that has hurt Iowa farmers bigtime days are numbered., This is a huge victory not only for hay producers but livestock farmers has well. The ability to move your product around without permits , restrictions and DOT’s endless harassments of people who are doing nothing more than trying to move feed around in order to put food on people plates will benefit all of Iowa agriculture.
Dyersville sales Company who lobbied hard for this would like to thank the following people who helped make this a law.
#1 State Rep and US Congressional candidate Ashely Hinson. From day one she came on board and fought hard for this we can’t thank her enough,
#2 State Rep Lee Hein , when Lee saw the news story on Channel 9 he could not believe this was going on and vowed to end this, thank you Lee.
#3 Gov Kim Reynolds she got the message loud and clear and has stepped up to the plate to end this unnecessary requirement.
and a very special thanks to a person who helped a lot my friend Simon Conway.