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 “Making Hay Great Again”

Every Wednesday   
Sale Starts at 11:04 AM       No Sale July 3rd

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Spring schedule now in effect open Monday – Thursday 8-4:30 Open Fridays 8-noon


A message from Randy Hess, General Manager

We are now a complete Hay – Straw –  and bedding market. Since opening our hay auction in 1999 we have grown to become the Tri Sates largest. This hasn’t happened by accident , we work hard to keep a high volume of all grades of hay and straw available for our buyers, while providing a consistent and competitive market for our sellers. Any questions or concerns about the hay sale please call Randy Hess general  manager (563-599-1793) – Dale Leslein hay auction manager (563-581-5119) or our office 563-875-2481.  Hope to see you at the Hay Sale.

Randy Hess  General Manager

Hay , straw and stalks can be delivered on Mondays and Tuesday 8am to 4:30 pm. On Wednesday hay needs to be here before 10am if it’s gonna be unloaded and 10:30 if it stays on the trailer. Summertime schedule = we close  on Fridays , Saturdays and Sundays . Winter time schedule open Monday thru Friday 8am to 4:30 pm > open on selected Saturday mornings till noon call a head.

Sellers will need to have a punched scale ticket along with your name and address w/ phone number. Any information about your hay or straw is helpful. A bale count is also needed for each load. Sellers= hay is generally sold by the ton and straw and cornstalks are sold by the bale

All first time (new) buyers must establish credit by calling or stopping by the office prior to the sale.

If you need help finding a trucker to haul hay to or from the auction site call the office at 563-875-2481 On auction day we have many truckers who come to our auction weekly so delivery to your farm can be arranged on sale day.

Location 3 blocks north of Hwy 20 on Hwy 136 in Dyersville, Ia 52040     For you w/ GPS our address is 915  9th St SE Dyersville ,Ia 52040  563-875-2481

About our auction =  We are a nationwide auction getting hay and straw from Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, California, New York, Indiana , Michigan, Oklahoma, and all over Canada.

Buyers from all those states plus New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Arkansas and Mississippi  have attended our sales over the years.

Bringing buyers and sellers together , treating people fairly and supporting the BEST crop grown in the country , hay is what has made us successful. We look forward to doing business with you in the future and you can always call me if you need advice in when to sell what type of hay at what time of the year it sells best.

                            Dale Leslein co founder and hay auctioneer at Dyersville Sales Co. “Doing hay auctions right since 1999”