Hay Auction Results

Dyersville Sales Co.
Hay Auction Market Report 5/18/16


 Receipts 783 tons.  The market was firm to higher, top $210/ ton on 2nd crop big squares 207 rfv round bales topped at $135/ ton straw was higher selling from $15-59/ bale.

Locally new crop hay next week is expected to show up next week, lots of hay is getting plowed up this weekend and flipped to beans or corn, the winterkill is worse then expected and the older stands are looking tough, Tonnage so far has been very disappointing the cold weather has been holding everything back, The corn is yellow and everything needs heat and we need it to stop getting down into the low 30’s like we did three times this week, Several reports of black and frozen hay mostly in the low lying areas. The season has gotten off to a bad start and the big hay crop is gone for the year.

Update 5/23 The hay fields damaged by winterkill are not yielding here are some results of those damaged hayfields baled up over the weekend from the local area.

40 acres 45 (4×5) bales

10 acres 4 round bales (5×6)

65 acres 55 (3×3) bales

37 acres 17 Rbs

14 acres 10 rb’s and 7 acres 2 Round bales

yields are running 600lbs to 1000lbs/ acre dry, 4500lbs would be normal for 1st crop, 1st crop is 40% of your tons for the year so many of these fields would not have produced 1 ton for the entire year


Hay – Large Square Hay – large Round Hay – Small Square
Supreme Supreme Supreme
 $ 210/ ton
Premium Premium Premium
$152.50/ton  / ton
Good Good  Good
 110-150 ton 100-135/ ton  $/ bale
Fair Fair Fair
80-110 65-90  $ bale
Utility Utility Utility
 65-75 45-60  $2.90/ bale
New Seeding – Large Square New Seeding – Large Round New Seeding – Small Square
Good Good Good
$ / ton  $/ton
Fair Fair Fair
Oat Hay – Large Square Oat Hay – Large Round Oat Hay – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $/ ton  $ ton
Fair Fair (poor) Fair
Prairie Grass – Large Square Prairie Grass – Large Round Prairie Grass – Small Square
Good Good  $ Good
Fair Fair $ ton Fair
Straw – Large Square Straw – Large Round Straw – Small Square
Good Good Good
 3×3 15-20  $/ bale $ bale
 3×4 $56-59


Fair $/ bale Fair
$ / bale  $
Corn Stalks – Large Square Corn Stalks – Large Round Corn Stalks – Small Square
Good Good Good
  / bale $ /bale
Fair Fair Fair
)  $/ bale  $/ bale
CRP – Large Square CRP – Large Round CRP – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $  $
Fair Fair / poor$ Fair
Mixed – Large Square Mixed – Large Round Mixed – Small Square
Good Good Good
120-145 $130
Fair Fair 70-80 Fair
Grass – Large Square Grass – Large Round Grass – Small Square
Good Good Good $
Fair Fair Fair
Bean Stubble –
large square
Bean Stubble –
large round
Bean Stubble –
large round