Hay Auction Results

Dyersville Sales Co.
Hay Auction Market Report 12/07/16


Attention buyers = We will no longer be responsible for any hay left on our lot over 7 days. We need you to have it removed because we are entering are biggest selling time of the year and need the space. We have hay sitting on our lot well over a month and you need to TAKE IT HOME OR LOSE IT. We have worked with you now you need to work with us and have your hay removed in a timely fashion.  A clean out the lot sale is coming soon. !!!!!! Call your trucker now !!

 Receipts 1001 tons.  The market was mixed. Top was $205/ ton on 4th crop  209 rfv big squares, rounds topped at $130/ ton on 3rd crop, Straw and stalks were steady smaller crowd today with overall fair demand.

Don’t forget if you are in the  government program the FSA office needs you to report  your 2017 intended hay acres by Dec 15th to avoid a $46/ farm fine, Hay is not eligible for government crop payments or crop insurance but is eligible for a fine so while you are there be sure to thank them for discriminating against you and punishing you for saving the soil.



Hay – Large Square Hay – large Round Hay – Small Square
Supreme Supreme Supreme
$205/ ton
Premium Premium Premium
$150-170//ton  $130/ ton
Good Good  Good
 $85-132.50/ton $80-105//ton  $/ bale
Fair Fair Fair
 67.50-75 60-80  $ bale
Utility Utility Utility
 45-60  25-55  $/ bale
New Seeding – Large Square New Seeding – Large Round New Seeding – Small Square
Good Good Good
$ / ton  $/ton
Fair Fair $ Fair
Oat Hay – Large Square Oat Hay – Large Round Oat Hay – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $/ ton  $ ton
Fair Fair (poor) 10 Fair
Prairie Grass – Large Square Prairie Grass – Large Round Prairie Grass – Small Square
Good Good  $ Good
Fair Fair $ ton Fair
Straw – Large Square Straw – Large Round Straw – Small Square
Good Good Good
 3×3 $14-21 / bale  $/ bale $ bale
 3×4 $55-65


Fair $/ bale$/ bale Fair
$ / bale  $
Corn Stalks – Large Square Corn Stalks – Large Round Corn Stalks – Small Square
Good Good Good
  / bale $15-20/bale
Fair Fair Fair
)  $/ bale  $/ bale
CRP – Large Square CRP – Large Round CRP – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $  $
Fair Fair / poor$ 25 Fair
Mixed – Large Square Mixed – Large Round Mixed – Small Square
Good Good Good
 135-170  80-100
Fair Fair  60 Fair
Grass – Large Square Grass – Large Round Grass – Small Square
Good Good Good $
Fair Fair $ Fair
Bean Stubble –
large square
Bean Stubble –
large round