Hay Auction Results

Dyersville Sales Co.
Hay Auction Market Report 7/27/16


 Receipts 605 tons.  The market was steady to weak crowd is a little smaller than usual do to the county fair this week, Top $125 on 2nd crop large squares and $110 on 1st crop round bales (163 RFV), Straw old crop stored outside 3×3 sold from $17-24/ bale new crop 3×4 sold from $55-65/ bale. loots of rained on hay this week and quality wasn’t the best.

Locally most of the talk was about the crops and all the rain we have gotten. The corn crop has gone from a whopper to just a good crop stands are disappointing and the corn ears have 2-4 less rows than last year and are only 35 kernels long, The beans have been in wet feet for quite some time and an average to below crop is expected, The oats crop is a whopper best in years some say since the mid 80’s and hay harvesting has been at a standstill with little to no chance to bale hay dry. Over 5 inches fell again last week.



Hay – Large Square Hay – large Round Hay – Small Square
Supreme Supreme Supreme
 $/ ton
Premium Premium Premium
$//ton  $110/ ton
Good Good  Good
 80-125/ton 60-90 ton  $/ bale
Fair Fair Fair
 47.50-65 45=60  $ bale
Utility Utility Utility
 30-50  $/ bale
New Seeding – Large Square New Seeding – Large Round New Seeding – Small Square
Good Good Good
$ / ton  $/ton
Fair Fair Fair
Oat Hay – Large Square Oat Hay – Large Round Oat Hay – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $/ ton  $ ton
Fair Fair (poor) 30 Fair
Prairie Grass – Large Square Prairie Grass – Large Round Prairie Grass – Small Square
Good Good  $ Good
Fair Fair $ ton Fair
Straw – Large Square Straw – Large Round Straw – Small Square
Good Good Good
 3×3 17-24  $32.50/ bale $ bale
 3×4 $ 55-65


Fair $/ bale Fair
$ / bale  $
Corn Stalks – Large Square Corn Stalks – Large Round Corn Stalks – Small Square
Good Good Good
  / bale $ /bale
Fair Fair Fair
)  $/ bale  $/ bale
CRP – Large Square CRP – Large Round CRP – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $  $
Fair Fair / poor$ Fair
Mixed – Large Square Mixed – Large Round Mixed – Small Square
Good Good Good
80-102.50 $57.50-100
Fair Fair40-50 Fair
Grass – Large Square Grass – Large Round Grass – Small Square
Good Good Good $
Fair Fair Fair
Bean Stubble –
large square
Bean Stubble –
large round
Bean Stubble –
large round