Hay Auction Results

Dyersville Sales Co.
Hay Auction Market Report 12/06/17



 Receipts 758 tons.  Moderate  Fall  offerings with very good demand   large squares were $20/ ton higher while round bales steady top was $220/ ton on 4th crop with the bulk of the big squares selling from $160-215/ ton, Round bales topped at $190/ ton with the bulk selling from $115-$155/ ton

Market commentary Huge crowd again this week and demand for big squares was outstanding runs continue to be low and demand very high, hay sellers can thank this big run up in hay prices to the cheap corn, many farmers are taking a beating on there corn and are trying to walk it to town rather then give it away. one farmer I spoke with today got out of cattle 8 years ago when corn started its trek to $8 but has gotten back into cattle to try to get a better return on his corn. He said he has gotten rid of his hay equipment and has no plans to buy it back he would rather just come to the auction and buy what he needs rather than change his whole operation around,

Locally  The corn is at 99% complete baling of stalks is complete fall field work is probably done for the year and most farmers are ready to settle in for the winter.

Has most of you know by now the livestock portion of Dyersville sales company will come to and end at the end of this month after 8 decades.  The hay auction will continue on it’s normal schedule every Wednesday. I am still a green horn only being with the company 19 years many employees have been here for what seems like for ever some has many has 50 years +. I remember coming to the salebarn on a regular basis starting back in the 1980’s when Dyersville had a huge feeder pig sale every Monday many times selling over 3000 feederpigs from local producers that is when I got to know Randy Hess. in December of 1998 when hog prices were 8 cents / pound I approached him about starting a hay auction, After twisting his arm he said ok lets try one. On Thursday Feb 18,1999 at 10:30 we had our first hay auction sold by Ken Lahr who has been the livestock auctioneer for the salebarn for decades . He will call his last Thursday sale on Dec 28th and his last feeder cattle special on December 30th. In 2001 when the hay auction business grew to the point we had to go on another day the auctioneering job was passed onto me. I learned a lot from Kenny and would like to wish him the very best has he heads into semi retirement which means he will be busier than ever. His words of encouragement and conversations we had about auctioneering were priceless. Times change people change but the memories last a lifetime and some of the best people I ever met were people went to or worked at salebarns.




Hay – Large Square Hay – large Round Hay – Small Square
Supreme Supreme Supreme
$  $
Premium Premium Premium
$//ton / ton
Good Good  Good
 $160-220 $135-190/ ton  $/ bale
Fair Fair Fair
$145-160  $100-140  $ bale
Utility Utility Utility
 130-135  85-110  $/ bale
New Seeding – Large Square New Seeding – Large Round New Seeding – Small Square
Good Good Good
$ / ton  $/ton
Fair Fair $/ ton Fair
Oat Hay – Large Square Oat Hay – Large Round Oat Hay – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $/ ton  $ /ton
Fair Fair (poor) Fair
Prairie Grass – Large Square Prairie Grass – Large Round Prairie Grass – Small Square
Good  Good   Good
Fair Fair $ ton Fair
Straw – Large Square Straw – Large Round Straw – Small Square
Good Good Good
 3×3 $ 37-46  $bale $bale
 3×4 $ bale


Fair Fair
$ / bale  $
Corn Stalks – Large Square Corn Stalks – Large Round Corn Stalks – Small Square
Good Good $32-36/ bale Good
 $ / bale
Fair Fair / poor$20 / bale Fair
)$25/ bale  $/ bale
CRP – Large Square CRP – Large Round CRP – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $  $
Fair$ ton$/ ton Fair / poor$ $87.50 Fair
Mixed – Large Square Mixed – Large Round Mixed – Small Square
Good$145-200 Good $140-190 Good
Fair Fair   Fair
Grass – Large Square Grass – Large Round Grass – Small Square
Good Good  Good $
 $145-160/ ton
Fair Fair $/ ton  Fair
Bean Stubble –
large square
Bean Stubble –
large round