Hay Auction Results

Dyersville Sales Co.
Hay Auction Market Report 4/18/18


Attention sellers we still saw frozen round bales come to the auction this week that were busted, while we need the hay please wait till they unthaw because busted round bales are discounted


 Receipts 887 tons were sold on an absolutely miserable snowy/ rainy/ thunder sleet type of day, Crowd was smaller roads not great and the overall quality was mostly low end or damaged hay, Top was $215 on round bales grass mixed and $205 on large squares bulk of all the hay selling today was $155-200/ ton, No dairy hay was offered. Straw was sharply lower under very heavy offerings selling mostly from $38-53/ 3×3 bale cornstalks in round bales sold up to $42.50/ bale.

Todays market was nothing special hay continues to sell well quality hay was in short supply, Many of our regulars have completed sales for the year and with the weather pretty ugly it will be a while until any new crop rye can be chopped which is normally done the first week of May that may end up being Memorial day instead, New crop which normally begins in late May will be pushed back into June to Mid June and we have probably lost a crop for the year, Also next week if everything comes together we will get out first loads from the state of  New York  see early listings , I have seen pictures and it is extra fancy timothy / orchard grass mixed 


Hay – Large Square Hay – large Round Hay – Small Square
Supreme Supreme Supreme
$  $
Premium Premium Premium
$/ton $/ ton
Good Good  Good
175-205 / ton $150-215/ ton  $/ bale
Fair Fair Fair
$170  $140-160  $ bale
Utility Utility Utility
110-150/ ton  $/ bale
New Seeding – Large Square New Seeding – Large Round New Seeding – Small Square
Good Good Good
$ / ton  $/ton
Fair Fair $/ ton Fair
Oat Hay – Large Square Oat Hay – Large Round Oat Hay – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $/ ton  $ /ton
Fair Fair (poor)$130 Fair
Prairie Grass – Large Square Prairie Grass – Large Round Prairie Grass – Small Square
Good  Good  $ Good
Fair Fair $ ton Fair
Straw – Large Square Straw – Large Round Straw – Small Square
Good Good Good
 3×3 $38-53/ bale  $/bale $/bale
 3×4 $


Fair Fair
$ / bale  $
Corn Stalks – Large Square Corn Stalks – Large Round Corn Stalks – Small Square
Good Good $35-42/ bale Good
 $12.50/ bale
Fair Fair / poor$ / bale Fair
$/ bale  $/ bale
CRP – Large Square CRP – Large Round CRP – Small Square
Good Good Good
 $  $/ ton
Fair$ ton$140/ ton Fair / poor$ $130/ ton Fair
Mixed – Large Square Mixed – Large Round Mixed – Small Square
Good $/ ton


Good $ Good
Fair Fair   Fair
Grass – Large Square Grass – Large Round Grass – Small Square
Good Good  Good $
Fair Fair $/ ton  Fair
Bean Stubble –
large square
Bean Stubble –
large round