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Hay Auction Market Report 9/19/18


 Receipts 816 tons were sold, The market was$10-20/ ton higher on big squares and steady weak on round bales , Top $260 on 2nd crop 188rfv larges squares , Round bales topped at $155 on many loads with the bulk selling from $120-145/ ton straw  lower topping at $47.50/ large square bale,

For what it is worth

Today was the first day of our expanded storage for large squares of hay to be under roof. We had every big square bale of hay under roof today, It poured cats and dogs during the sale normally it would have been a tougher day but not today we saw loads of big squares sell for $260, 225,205,190 ,175 and 150. Buyers seemed very happy to be bidding out of the rain and the  inside of the salebarn came back to life. We still have work to do but we were forced to make it work this week because of the weather but quadrupling our indoor hay storage is a plus and we also will be expanding the lot to the north has well so when you drive by it may not seems has full has in years past but we can now hold over 4000 tons . So from this point forward the lot should never be full and you should never have to worry about space, We will be announcing soon when we plan on returning to a winter schedule but has soon has harvest winds down we will go to expanded hours and days.

Overload your trucks

It’s that time of year when the governor raises the weight to 90,000 lbs starting Sept 15 for  60 days, So truckers fill them trucks up because the handcuffs are on the DOT for 60 days.