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Hay Auction Market Report 7/18/18



 Receipts 662 tons were sold, The market was weak to lower with over 90% of the hay offered today very low quality. Top $170/ ton on big squares and $160/ ton on round bales, Bulk of the big squares and round today sold from $115-155 / ton, Straw was a little lower today selling from $24 for a bale last years stored outside wheat straw up to $50/ 3×3 bale for new crop straw.


Hay sold well this week for what it was lots of hay today without much color and baled on the tough side. Right now the market is about $70/ ton higher than a year ago demand remains very good.

Nationally hays supplies only look to be building on the East coast and with the trucking crisis little to none of that looks to head to the drought areas of the mid west of western parts of the USA. Talked this past week with a Missouri farmer who has not had more than .10 inches of rain fall at any one time since last October They finished baling there soybean crop last week and may chop there corn the next coming week. I’m hearing exports remain excellent and that will keep a lid on western hay movement to  the east with drought in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and now Michigan appears to be drying out fast and they are starting to look for hay supplies in the Midwest look to be tight through the end of the year after that Winter weather will decide what happens from there but tonnage locally is reported on 2nd crop has average and a lot of this hay has been pushed a little too hard by all the heat and moisture,    Also the oats harvest got under way in Dubuque county today, I would guess over 80 % of the oats crop has been harvested for forage because of the heavy rains the past 3 weeks have flattened most oat fields.