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Hay Auction Market Report 8/15/18


No sale Aug 22, machinery consignment sale Aug 25 see early listing on hay page at the bottom

 Receipts 538 tons were sold, The market was  mixed  Top was $200/ ton on larges squares and $175/ ton on round bales, Straw was $42-45/ bale in large squares and up to $70/ bale in rounds, Crp made it first appearance of the season and it ranged from $30 for CRaP to $110/ ton for some cleaner stuff.

For what it is worth

The better end hay sold well today and the lower end hay fell back about $10/ ton with wet hay discounted sharply, straw sold well with good demand ,

For what I am hearing is top end hay will be scarce this year and if you were going to hold on to something that might be the best, Low end hay may have seen the high for the year has we get into fall less cattle will be on feed and with corn at give away prices more silage is likely to be cut for those staying in business,

The farm economy is terrible but hay remains the lone bright spot . Could hay prices go higher? yes can they go lower yes but selling hay at these prices is profitable so why not reward the market now, if this is the lowest price you get all year you will be enjoying good profits something rest of agriculture is not seeing .

We are taking next week off for the liquidation of the Dyersville Sales Co livestock equipment auction and consignment auction held on August 25th at 11am. Also soon we will be increasing our under the roof storage for large square bales has we open up a couple of buildings previous used for the cattle sale.