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About the Dyersville Sales Company

In 1946, O.J. Hess built the present Dyersville Sales Barn. It was later operated by Gerald Hess and Geraldive Engler. In 1999, Randy  Hess purchased the business, and currently operates the auction. Today, there are hay auctions every Wednesday, Thursday is cattle, starting with baby calves (one of the largest sales of its kind in the area), dairy cattle, feeder cattle, slaughter cows, and bulls. The Dyersville Sales Company holds special bred cow and feeder cattle sales on selected Saturdays throughout the fall and winter months. The Dyersville Sales Company is a family business dedicated to customer service and sincerely appreciates your business.

A message from Randy Hess, General Manager

The Dyersville Sales Company is very proud of its auction. This 3rd generation business has been at the same location for over 50 years. With nearly 100 years of auction experience in the sale ring the Dyersville Sales Company strives to give you, the livestock people of the Tri-State area, an excellent selection of quality livestock and the best service possible.














































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